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10759-96 Street Edmonton Alberta T5H 2J7 CANADA

Our Mission

St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church welcomes and congregates people, and families living in Edmonton Alberta. We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.


As a part of Christ's body, our congregation is present in peoples' lives. We try to help building up a life based on a foundation of trust, faith and hope; finding in this way an aim and purpose in life.

We are a Christian church and seek to be a tool in God's hand to promote communion, the gathering of people, and the proclamation of God's message: love and mercy.

Our church has its roots in the reformation movement of the 16th century. Martin Luther was a great protagonist of this reformation and asserted that the human being is saved by mercy and faith, and not by meritorious work. Luther based his assertions on study of the Holy Bible, and this is the foundation of the Lutheran Church today. We believe that salvation is granted by God's mercy and through faith.